Bienvenido to the first weekend of summer - it is (and has been, I suppose) officially HOT down in the dirty dirty south.  I won't waste time playing the "it's so hot..." game with you guys yet but suffice it to say that Ryon is now on two different types of electrolytes for all the sweating that happens down here.  As befitting for the first weekend of summer, on Katrin's suggestion, my parents and I tried coconut milk ice cream this weekend.  Pardon my French, but that sh*t is legit. If anyone is going dairy-free or simply just curious, I highly recommend the So Delicious Coconut Milk Passionate Mango ice cream.  I dare you not to eat the entire carton in one sitting.

This week's home is a little contentious - I already know in advance that many of you are not going to like it.  The colour scheme is BOLD.  Pairing oddly matched area rugs for each room of the house with incongruous patterns and colours?  Bold.  Painting the ceiling of your kitchen orange?  Bold.  Keeping the wood paneling in the master bedroom?  Bold.  Honestly though in my opinion, either go big or go home.  Somehow for me, it all kinda works - everything together, not matching but kind of matching at the same time.  The warm glow that the crazy kitchen ceiling casts over everything makes it kind of homey.  And hello, double oven?  Also, two adorable fireplaces in a home that isn't even over 1,800 square feet?  From a style standpoint, this place blows some of the McMansions I've featured right out of the water.