etsy shop
I'm not pregnant, which is one way I suppose of starting out a blog post.  I'm definitely not pregnant but I've had a hankering for pickles this past month.  My local grocery store carries Ruuska pickles, which are probably the most delicious that I've ever eaten, and I've been buying jars on a weekly basis.  Not the bread and butter kind - nasty stuff - but the legit dill kind and also the fire dill ones (just enough bite to them).  These crispy, crunchy pickles are just swimming in dill and garlic (I could kill scores of vampires by exhaling alone) and I eat them plain, by themselves, standing over the sink.  They're that good.  Or I'm that crazy.

What's even crazier still is that once I'm done with the pickle spears, I've started drinking the pickle juice.  Apparently, pickle juice is the coconut oil of the brining world (okay maybe vinegar is the coconut oil of the brining world).  It's good as a hangover and heartburn cure, for replenishing electrolytes after a workout, PMS remedy and shot chaser, among other things.  So this blog post serves double duty as my PSA announcement for the week - Drink Pickle Juice.  You'll thank me (or hate me) for it.