Luckily, I can type without having any feeling in my fingers because my hands are all cramped up after a marathon session of writing and addressing Christmas cards.  I apologize to some of you who will be receiving them because you're going to have an extremely difficult time deciphering my scribbles.  It'll be a miracle if they even make it there, if the handwriting machine can read the addresses.  Take it on faith that the message in the card says something to the effect of "Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!"  I may have gotten a bit overzealous this year in writing and ordering cards; my eyes are bigger than my mailbox?  I think I have next year's set of cards ready to go now as well.

I suppose it's a sign of my age that every single card that I've received this year has a picture of a baby on it accompanied by some dogs.  Although I debated long and hard about doing a photo card of Ryon's sweet mug, I decided against being the crazy(ier) horse lady this year.  Maybe next winter after I've trained him to hold still and pose with a Santa hat atop his head.

With the majority of the cards out of the way, it's now time to move on to Christmas crafts.  I've got an empty wreath frame that is calling my name and a few peppermint ornaments I want to try my hand at.  Of course all of this could possibly go out the window as soon as someone invites me out for a hot drink (with alcohol hopefully).  Stay warm this weekend!