Silence is golden

The "wrong side of the bed" must be a real thing because I definitely woke up on that side this morning and all of a sudden hate everything.  I am sick of the holiday traffic, parking lot wars, endless stream of people gathering and milling about, cold weather and the rain / dryness, loud parties and muzak, etc etc.  A bit of peace and quiet, silence and calm, just twinkling light and the scent of smoke in the air.  I know, I know that the holidays are about friends and family and loved ones but sometimes I wish they could leave me some room to think, just for one second.  Just a teensy tiny breather with no requests and no pressure.

Maybe that's why I feel like running away (again).  To New Zealand again, of course.  So it's not a coincident that this beautiful home is located there on 12 acres with gorgeous views of Te Mata Peak.  I'd imagine in the winter time, the grounds are blanketed with snow and the dark exterior of the house is a stark contrast against that backdrop.  There are numerous dining areas you could choose from but I think I'd prefer to relax in the cushy breakfast nook, with endless cups of coffee and a stack of books.  Surrounded by pure, golden light and silence.


  1. Oh dear, I love every corner of that dream house. I am a big fan of sloped ceilings with exposed rafters. And the view, wow. That's a perfect example of a picture window. If there's one big regret I think I would have made, it was not moving to NZ as planned almost a decade ago.

  2. Okay. Headache again, so I accidentally signed out instead of hitting publish. Maybe Google could ask (me at least) "Are you sure?" Let's try again.

    When I tell you that I had actual Pinterest boards devoted to "black houses" and "vaulted ceilings" (they've since been absorbed), you have to know there's so much I love about this house. It wouldn't really fit with my "tiny houses" pins (also absorbed), but STILL. And girl, time to leave for vacation. Stat.

  3. Holy frack! That view alone...sigh....I must really go to New Zealand soon. Have you seen the last Hobbit movie? My sons did as a field trip yesterday!

  4. Perhaps an obscure Xmas song will get you back in the holiday/shopping spirit:
    We three kings from Herald Swuare
    Selling ladies underwear
    It's fantastic
    Nooo ela-aaastic
    Only three cents a pair

    That one was big at my elementary school. :)

    So many beautiful places in that house, it would make for a wonderful retreat!

  5. Omg, as if the house wasn't beautiful enough already - that view is unreal!!! The holidays can definitely be an overwhelming time. Skip a Christmas party and stay in with a pile of blankets and some Netflix movies :-)

  6. that view is incredible. all of them, from every room. as far as christmas goes it just feels like it's happening when it should be. like we are a month early for it. try as i might, i just can't get into it this year, and usually for me there is no 'trying' involved. i think this year i might actually just be looking forward to starting a new year more than christmas.

  7. Love it! Of course, if I bought it, the pups would have to come with it . . . I mean, really . . .

    With that, here's hoping you get a little peace and quiet this weekend.

  8. I come with you!!!

  9. Beautiful house! I'll run away with you! Yesterday I went to do some shopping and got so annoyed with all the stupid people going shopping. :)

  10. Please enjoy the holiday time!!! And beautiful home to run to, if you still need to.

  11. I hate muzak!! But I love the rain, so send CA some of that :)

    I love how you show us houses you want to live in/run away to. haha!

  12. the house is stunning. and i'm surrounding myself with doggies for the holidays! ;)

  13. I have had that day sometimes! Beautiful houses, you have a great taste :-)

    Katrina Sophia

  14. ah, girl - the first paragraph there perfectly described the way I am feeling today. People seem especially annoying, and don't get me started on the traffic, the crowds in every darn store, including the supermarket, and all the demands and million things of having house guests... gah!

    But even knowing this feeling will subside, I would run away to that place any time! It absolutely gorgeous, every room is perfection! I already feel the tiniest bit more relaxed after staring at that beautiful bedroom :-)

    Happy Holidays Rooth!


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