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 My sis and I picked up Frenchie from the airport today and he'll be ringing in the New Year with my family this weekend.  They're watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia right now so I thought I'd take a moment to reflect back very briefly on this past year.  We've had our share of rough patches, what with the family emergency in May and my grandmother beginning dialysis this summer.  But through it all, I feel as though my family and I have been buoyed by the sense of caring and closeness from our extended family and friends.  For me, that has really been the game changer in 2011.  I've learned that people are tougher than you ever thought possible and the desire to move on and live is inexplicable.  From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all health and happiness in the next year.  I hope to be here at this time next year, reflecting on the positive things I've taken from the year and looking forward to what's to come.  My motto for 2012 is to live bravely, truly bravely - what's yours?