We had another whirlwind day of activity here at the Rooth Household, and I am most certain that my family is counting the days until I go back home so they can finally relax.  I started the morning with a rather ambitious plan of reorganizing my sister's room and mine as well.  We all shuffled over to IKEA to pick up some cheap yet practical and heavy storage pieces that we needed and just about spent the rest of the day putting all of it together.  It took the entire afternoon and the evening for us to build two dressers and one nightstands as well as move all the furniture around.  We also loaded up two full garbage bags of clothing to donate.  Unfortunately, I also got popped in the face with some particle board from the dresser drawer, scratching a red Swoosh on my right cheek.  Perfect timing as I'm due to see some old friends from high school tomorrow for lunch and they'll probably ask if I was attacked by a cat recently.  Sigh.  Anyway, it seems as though this holiday is just flying by but I hope that you all have been keeping busy with fun activities.  You can at least count your blessings that you're not part of my family (it's the little things).

Would a bandaid be just too over the top (or gangsta)?