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On Saturday night after the massive holiday feast, I went out with my friends for some pre-birthday drinks at a bar in Houston called Prohibition.  It features - you guessed it - Prohibition type drinks as well as flapper serving girls and a "burlesque" style show.  In the middle of my first cocktail, my friend casually slips in that she and her boyfriend (who is one of my best of friends) are going to go diamond shopping the next day.  Sputtering, I look up to see if they're going to announce their engagement but no, just casual Sunday diamond shopping.  As if there is anything casual about it.  They swiftly march the conversation on (again, oh so casually) to other topics and more drinks until this afternoon, it suddenly strikes me across the face.  They went diamond shopping yesterday!  I had completely forgotten about it.  Sadly, they didn't find anything to their liking but I can't wait until they do and I get to chase the news down with some tequila shots.

How have your friends broken their engagement to you, dear readers?

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