via here.  Change "we" to "I"
Well crap.  On my way out of the parking garage this evening, a lady backed into my car.  Sigh.  My first "accident" in this car.  As Frenchie reminds me though, there are plenty of things to be grateful of: a) it wasn't a bad accident - a fender bender if you can even call it that, b) I have car insurance to take care of it, even if the other lady (grr) doesn't, c) it can be fixed and d) it wasn't a bad accident and everyone is okay.  I have to constantly tell myself that everyone is okay and the situation could have been a lot worse.  So in a strange way, I am grateful.  Thanks readers for being so patient with me through my illness this week and lack of interesting posts.  And thank you Frenchie for making me tea and singing "Soft Kitty" to me while I'm sick.  I will try to garner some more fun posts over the weekend and start next week anew!