When the air gets nippy and the coats and scarves come out, you know it's almost time for ski season.  For many, it's already started.  For me, it's just a dream that I have to transform into a reality in the next few months.  I've been browsing a multitude of different ski sites recently but the French Alps have really caught my attention.  It's not even so much the ski slopes... okay, maybe saying "Gone skiing in France" in your voicemail would sound really hoity toity, in a fun way.  But it's really due to the lodging options.  The accomodations are otherworldly.  Could you imagine staying in any of these fabulous ski chalets and hotels?  The harder question is - could you imagine LEAVING any of these places?  It'd be so difficult to convince me even go outside to do the skiing part.  But by now, we all know that skiing would be just an elaborate excuse so I could lounge around in one of these wonderous places.  So there's a abnormal amount of antlers, wood paneling (again!) and furs... the lap of luxury can be a tough place to be!

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