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Siri’s birthday is coming up in March (how did this month go by so quickly) and what good is a sister if you can’t give her something cool only to ‘borrow’ it later?  Buying gifts for my sister is simultaneously easier and harder than buying gifts for my parents.  There are tons of things I know that she would like (unlike my parents) but I have to narrow the list down.  Also, my sister is one of the best gift givers that I know so the pressure is on.

Ordinarily, I would say an 'experience' type present is the kind I would try to get for her, like the skiing lessons I bought her last year, but with her travel schedule being what it is, that's a bit more difficult to coordinate.

Luckily, she appreciates the funky and kooky things in life.  And who's better at finding weird things on the interwebs (in an appropriate way) than me?  No one, that's who!  These are all legit gift ideas that I have already bought in anticipation of her birthday celebration or plan on getting her so no snitching!

What’s your favourite way to say I Love You Sis?