Troy Moth
One thing that you remarkable bloggers do all too well is finding magic / wonderment / happiness in the little things.  A sip of hot coffee on a chilly morning, a flock of birds across a bare sky, houses blanketed in snow... these little sparks throughout the day that burn warmly in your soul and keep you fed and content.  There are those who relish in taking walks through the neighborhood, eating breakfast at a sidewalk cafe and sitting out on a park bench watching kids fly kites.

I am not one of those people.

One critique leveled at me this week (by someone who knows me very well) was that rather than take pleasure in the small things, I would rather sit those out and instead plan for the big things.  For the across the pond trip to Europe, skiing in South America, horseback riding in New Zealand.  Taking an immersion language course, a round-the-world bookstore tour and someday running an ultra-marathon.

So I dream pretty big.  Do I ever get there?  Maybe not in the timetable that I always aggressively set out.  Or not at all.  Life - and the other little things - gets in the way.  And sometimes dreams are just that - dreams.  But I ask you, what's so bad about wanting that 'knock your socks off Grand Canyon' type experience?  What's the fault in acknowledging (and not taking for granted) those little things but setting aside the adjectives "amazing" and "brilliant" for things that truly make your heart glow bright?

We may be accused of letting life continually push us forward at an ever quickening pace but what if it's only moving forward to bigger and better things?