Wall & Deco
Pretty, isn't it?  The gallant steed, replicated countless times around the room and dressing up those drab, white walls.

Until you want to rip it down.  Until you want to replace it with plain white, blue or beige wall.  My apologies to the wonderful creators of Wall & Deco but I think wallpaper should be illegal.

It's because I spent 8 hours on Saturday, up a step ladder yet again, scraping wallpaper from a 6 x 6 room.  And I didn't even get half way done.  We tried anti-adhesive solvent and the Tiger Claw.  And furious digging with a putty knife.  Nope, it did not work.  Or I guess yes it did work if you count the wallpaper coming off in three separate layers, first the pattern, then the paper backing and lastly (and the most frustrating) the adhesive.  Right now the room looks like something out of a horror movie, half stripped of wallpaper with adhesive glue dried in the corners to look like dead skin.  Like the bathroom walls are shedding.

If only they would.  My sister asked if I was scared that I'd peel back the wallpaper and find a scary drawing or script scrawled all over the wall.  I would be OVERJOYED if the wallpaper would PEEL back - I envy those people (mostly women) in horror films who rip off wallpaper in large strips as if they're unwrapping an extremely large Christmas present.

You know the best part?  Once you get the wallpaper off the walls, it still continues to stick.  To anything.  So maybe that's the floor or the tarp but mainly, you.  And when it hardens, it turns pretty much into plaster.  So yes, that's my argument for the illegalization of wallpaper.  Look for me on C-SPAN next week.