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Today, I took another giant step toward grownup-hood.  I bought a vacuum cleaner.  Not a slick, designer vacuum cleaner but also not a cheapo vacuum cleaner that you can leave behind in your college apartment for the next tenant.

Hopefully you all aren't doing the math in your head of how long I've lived in my apartment and how long it has been since I owned a vacuum cleaner.  My excuse is that my apartment has mostly wood floors and I have owned a Swiffer sweeper the entire time.  And that I’m at work most of the time.  Anyway, priorities have shifted.  It took me so long to buy a vacuum because I had been daydreaming of all the other things that I would rather buy than a vacuum.  Like shoes.  Or books.  Or stationery.  Or candy.  Almost anything else, other than a vacuum.

But sometimes, you have to buckle under societal pressure (and a little bit of your own desire) of keeping a clean house and cough up the money already.  It doesn’t mean that you want the things that you dream about any less or that you’ve given up those sometimes-frivolous dreams for a vacuum.  It means that you have examined your priorities and figured out where they lie.  I guess that’s what being a grownup is all about.

For now.

Next time, I’m buying a robot that does the vacuuming for me.  Not the Roomba kind.  The I-Robot, will-serve-me-orange-juice-on-my-patio kind.  Like I said before, I dream big.

*Sorry, I couldn’t resist