It's obvious this month that I haven't kept up with my reading - seven books in February compared to twelve books in January?  For shame Rooth.  <Shakes her head>

February's books were made up of recommendations (The Sultan's Seal from Freya) and gifts (I Remember Nothing from Mrs. Ricefield).  And my monthly reading is never complete without a book that features cannibalism.  Yep, that was pretty unexpected from a book called Jamrach's Menagerie.  I should have figured - every book where there's some long sea journey undoubtedly ends in the ship being sunk, people marooned on lifeboats and then eating each other to survive.  Or maybe I'm generalizing just a little bit.  What I can't believe, though, is that I hadn't discovered Nora Ephron until now.  Her book I Remember Nothing is a tiny bit tragic (because it alludes to the cancer that claimed her life last year) and a whole lot of hilarious.  There's one entire chapter where she talks about people who eat egg-white omelettes.  It's the ability and talent of people who can write and write so well about nothing that it seems like something that amazes me.  I'm off to pick up a few more of her books just so I can study her storytelling skills.

So if you haven't taken away anything from this post yet, here it is in summary: I'm not reading as much anymore and Nora Ephron was one funny mothertrucker.

I should be a book reviewer.

PS - If you seriously want to know about how any of these books were, leave a comment and I'll email you my real-life thoughts, for what they're worth.