Finally!  A sunny weekend with the first warm weather since I left Houston.  I threw open the windows to the house and aired out all of the dust bunnies.  Springtime is time for big wide open windows, streaming sunlight and allergies galore.  Okay, so hopefully not allergies.  Really crossing my fingers for no allergies.

Don't homes with courtyards just seem so luxurious?  I like how this house opens up to a big bright courtyard  - it creates a bigger sense of space in the kitchen and the breakfast area.  And during the springtime, like now, it'd be wonderful to feel the cross breeze across the home and blow away all those winter cobwebs.  I also really like all of the art pieces scattered throughout the home, particularly the piece in the living room.  And what about those funky chairs?

Did you brush away any of those cobwebs this weekend?