This past weekend was a rainy, windy throwback to the good ole’ days.  No DIY projects to test my patience.  Frenchie made a weekend trip up and we ran, umbrella-less, from new restaurant to new restaurant*.  I don’t know if we could have picked restaurants with cooler names: The Meddlesome Moth, Mudsmith, Cedars Social and the Dream Cafe.  Getting to know Dallas as a food town is one of my goals this year and we've had average to above average experiences so far.  One side note to the dining experience: almost all of the restaurants we went to this weekend featured interesting (read: weird) original art displays on the walls as the main focal points (except for the lovely fireplace at Cedars Social).  There’s definitely a greater focus on that than is evident in the restaurants I visited in Houston and I look forward to exploring the art scene a little more here in Dallas.

We also spent part of Saturday afternoon dodging rug rats at the newly opened museum of science - a great experience if you've got kids, a slightly germy and loud experience if you don’t.  But it was fun visiting the dinosaurs and also seeing how far museums have come.  Nearly every exhibit was interactive with flashing lights and buttons and touch screens.  There were also simulation experiences, like an earthquake platform and 3-D bird flight game.  Needless to say we didn't fight the kids (or the lines) to ride those ‘rides.’  I felt a little weird about pushing buttons and wearing 3-D glasses that 1,000 spring break elementary school kids wore before me.  I may or may not be turning into Monk.

It will still be awhile before I feel completely comfortable here but the city (as you all predicted) is starting to grow on me.  I've found at least two coffee shops that I feel confident recommending to people and may be taking my laptop there one weekend afternoon to soak in the caffeinated atmosphere.

What do you do on rainy weekends in your town?

*You’re going to see the word ‘new’ used A LOT because pretty much everything in this city is new to me.  It’s also a slight new experience to have to use a GPS to get everywhere I want to go