This morning I went to the Dreaded Dentist to get a nasty ridiculous number of cavities filled.  Turns out, not going to the dentist for two years and eating only sticky, chewy Swedish fish does have its pitfalls.

Unlike some of you out there who actually enjoy getting your teeth cleaned (crazies), I abhor going to the dentist.  Ever since I had an evil bearded one try to file my teeth down without any anesthetic, they've been on my List That Starts With An S.  So I pre-warned my new Dreaded Dentist that I did not want to feel a single thing.  I didn't mind the number of shots I had to get - just none of that nasty drill-hitting-the-nerve stuff.

His swift "no problem" response was reassuring.  And then he leaned my chair back, gave me some wicked wireless, bluetooth headphones, and put on The Voice on the tv screen in the ceiling.  Only then did I realized how poorly my other dentists had been treating me!*  Oh, and the loads of anesthesia definitely helped.  Dental work?  What dental work?  I was too busy gazing into Blake Shelton's baby blues.

If not for how fat my lower lip felt after my dental procedure and the fact that I was literally drooling on my way out the door, you would have seen a big smile on my face.  After the Dreaded Dentist!  Unheard of.

The Dreaded Dentist is no more and it just goes to show: 1) You psych yourself out way more than you need to and 2) Modern medicine is a wonderful thing.

*My other dentists weren't that bad.  But I'm spoiled now.