My cousins have been cleaning out my grandmother's house in preparation of a future sale and in doing so have discovered a hoard of old photos, including a handful of us grandchildren as babies.  This funny gem is of my silly little sister in the middle of an ear piercing shriek, with way too little hair and at least one part of her outfit mismatched (see the adult slippers?).  It's pretty much the way I see her in my mind's eye.  Two years old, goofy, and always making us burst at the seams with laughter.  Oh the get-ups she used to throw together!  She used to totally Joey-Tribbiani' it and wear every single thing I owned, all at the same time.

I'm a bit tired lately and when they text across photos like this, the corners of my mouth can't help but tug upward.  I hope to give all of y'all a more complete post later on but for now, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.