My absurdly cluttered other bookshelf
"And the heavens opened up and sent down a deluge like none witnessed since the Big One." Which is my overly dramatic way of telling you all that it's been raining here for the last three days and there are no signs of stopping.  There's also a cold front moving in for the next few days and where do I live now, the Northeast???

The gloomy overcast weather has actually been a good thing because I've done some brief indoor exploring in this Not-So-New Town of Mine and finally ventured into the warehouse sized second-hand bookstore down the street from my office for the first time since I've moved here.*

Oh my golly Miss Molly is the appropriate response here.

I am desperately trying to prevent my bookshelf from collapsing upon itself so I brought a big bag of books to sell and instead, walked out with an even BIGGER stack under my chin.  The bookstore is huge.  And it sells Doctor Who paraphernalia.  And it's hosting a Everything is Under $2 sale at the convention center this weekend.  I'm going to try to avoid that so as not to turn into the Princess and the Paperbacks.  Wish me luck.

*I recently drove by the second-hand bookstore I used to frequent.. which has since turned into a **gulp** Condom Sense!  My mind couldn't make that mental leap.