Sometimes all it takes is a little pumpkin carving and the pungent odor of pumpkin guts to recall Halloweens as a child.  Like that one time that dad helped you hollow out a pumpkin, broke the spoon scooping out the inside and cut his hand wide open.  Or that time dad chased you and your sister down the hall in the dark with the jack-o-lantern.  Turns out, dad's pumpkin is still the scariest but I kind of like my Doctor Who Tardis jack-o-lantern just fine.  And Siri's Bill Bowerman carving is a work of art, even if it looks a little like Freddie Krueger / Tom Landry.  Crossing my fingers that the neighborhood hooligans in my parents' neighborhood don't do any pumpkin smashing, at least not before Thursday.

How were your Halloween celebrations this weekend and did you guys carve any masterpieces?