Britt Appleton
It's been a long work week, only the end of Wednesday for-heaven's-sake and blargedy blarg blarg...

I was going to skip a blog post tonight because of the usual excuses - work, time, sleep, sick, no food, no material.  But that's a cop out.

I realize (and have blogged multiple times about this point before) that I will not ever have enough time to do all the things I want and should, all at the same time.  And if I'm honest with myself and really truly feel passionately about something, I shouldn't make excuses, including that of There's Not Enough Time.  To pour your heart, soul, and life into something is to put into practice just that.  You should be able to see my heart, soul, and life splattered all over it.  Sacrifices are and will be made and you do not feel sorry about yourself for making them.  Okay, maybe you throw a pity party for a teeny tiny bit (with cake) but then you get over it.  And just start doing.

I'm a reader... and a writer... and a rider.  For me, those things typically take priority over personal relationships, sleep, television, health, and good judgment, to name a few things off the top of my nog.  I am not going to improve at any of those things, which is important to me, if I do not practice.  Practice reading, writing, and riding.

If I can't dedicate myself to something that I admit to loving and placing in the utmost position of priority, then what does that say about the effort that I put into the rest of my life - those things lower on the priority ladder?  At the end of it all, this post is really for me, a reminder that the time is way past for making excuses.  The time to do is now.