Today was, admittedly, pretty awesome.  The filibuster by Wendy Davis, repeal of DOMA, Nick Offerman's birthday... you get my drift.  Plus I've got a long weekend coming up, celebration of the red, white and blue and plenty more popsicles to make.

Oh!  And the awesomeness overload on the web!

I have been fortunate enough to be asked by the talented Lauren of Still Plus Life to write a guest post on my blogging journey while she's off jet-setting in Europe.  If you aren't familiar with Lauren's blog or her photography, you really need to check out her blog to ooh and aah over her lovely work and meet her beautiful family.  Also, the ever-so-clever Amy Jo of Magpie and Muttonfly has graciously included some of my scribblings in her book blog The Bibliophile's Adventure Club. I will be reviewing graphic novels there, having started off with Relish and Maus, and I welcome any book review suggestions.

An awesome web collection is not replete without including my awesome web finds, including some fabulosimous wild horse print flats via etsy, the website Zen Pencils which is able to keep you both entertained AND inspired, and The King Hamster sweatshirt.  Seriously, just try to resist King Hamster.