Bonjour and hello my dears, I hope you all had a cool and breezy summer weekend.  I sincerely hope that your weekend did not feel anything like mine, the scorching, baking oven of the outdoors.  And to think it's only June.  So instead of braving the heat, I took advantage of the free HBO preview this weekend and sat my bum on the couch for a few movies.  There were some good ones (Moonrise Kingdom) and some really crappy ones (Battleship).  Best father's day movie of the weekend?  Trouble with the Curve with gritty, gravely old Clint Eastwood, who was almost old enough to be Amy Adams' grandfather.  My dad was plenty happy lounging around inside with a few snacks and the remote by his side.  What about yours?

Would I like to escape to the French Mediterranean for the summer?  Oh I'd love to.  But we'll have to gaze upon this darling house instead.  No, it's not in France either but let's use our imaginations.  Just pretend you lived in a home as charming as this one and let your troubles melt away.