Today was the first 100 degree day in Dallas.  Tomorrow, we expect it to reach up to 104 degrees. Are you all surprised that I haven't melted yet?  Me too.  I'm as pale as a lily because I've been too afraid to lie outside for too long.  No use turning into a strip of human jerky.  Or risk that sunburn again - yowtch!

The heat makes it difficult to enjoy the summer outdoors.  I think it's the real reason why we have such monstrous shopping malls in Texas - so that people will have somewhere to go during the day that's indoors and air conditioned.  In the evenings, a few brave souls will ignore the buzzing threat of mosquitoes and you'll see them as flitting shadows, taking slow walks and trying to catch an elusive breeze.  Best hideaway inside a dark movie theater and watch Return of the Space Invaders / Flesh Eaters / My Ex-Husband / Super Hero Part 5.

So those of you who are somewhere a tad bit cooler, walk around outside a little bit for me and do a little rain dance for us folks in Texas this weekend.  We sure would appreciate it while we bake in the oven.