Blergh, sorry folks, I was a little behind on my Recent Reads post for May.  Can I be honest?  May was a weird book month.  Those books that I thought held a lot of promise quickly lost me and those that I expected mediocrity from ended up being surprising good, which says a lot about my expectations and working on tempering them.  

The goodies for May were The Gods of Gotham, Yes Chef, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Let's Pretend This Never Happened and Relish.  They range the spectrum from crime / detective thriller to memoir to graphic novel memoir-ish delight.  I suppose, most importantly, they all represented an opportunity to get away.  I escaped to a land of freewheeling cheesy delight and 1845 crime-ridden New York City.  It's the cheapest and most accessible way I know to travel / time-travel.

Sometimes books scare us, delight us, move us.  And sometimes they are just a comfort and the best thing that you can cuddle up with in bed late at night.  If you have any suggestions for June, I'd love to hear them.

PS - If y'all are looking for a good book blog, please check out Amelia's website The Bibliophile's Adventurer Club.  You won't regret any of the time you spend there.