Ike and his buddy
"Make sure you rinse between his butt cheeks," my trainer reminded me.

Since you all have known me and for as long as I can remember, I have been a tad bit obsessed with horses (see examples A, B and C).  I think a pony has been on my Christmas wish list since I was four and Santa has surely been biding his time.  I've been able to take lessons on the weekend and get my equine fix on a weekly basis for a few years (okay more like 8 years).  However with the discovery of the barn five minutes from my office, starting this month, I have begun leasing a horse.  The lease is a trial period to see if I'm up to the time and financial commitment but quite frankly, I'm pleased as punch.

Nevermind the fact that there was five foot boa constrictor curled up by the arena last week.  Nevermind the 90 degree weather and sweating through everything I wear.  Nevermind the mosquitoes that are as big as mockingbirds and twice as mean.  I get to ride!

Pets, of any kind, I'm quickly realizing are a dream for about ten seconds and then reality smacks you in the face.  In addition to riding, I get to wash my horse's butt.  Because it gets all sorts of rank up in there.  Don't forget, I get to pay to do this!

Ahh, childhood dreams come true.