This print is one of my favourites (Society6)
For all those who stumble here.  For all those who wander the endless corridors of the internet and happen upon my little abode.  Welcome.  Pull an armchair up to the hearth.  We shall talk about many things - cabbages and kings and the like.  Want to chat about how your biggest pet peeve is people who leave the trailer hitches on their trucks, particularly in narrow parking garages (must be a Texas thang)?  Care to join me in furrowing my brow about when this horrendous trend of high waisted pants / jeans / shorts will end?  What about looking down our noses at those who spell 'stationery' with an 'a'?  Want to tell me about how much you like black & white cookies and pie?  We will laugh at ourselves for tripping over carpet and catching our pockets on door handles (yes, I do that about once a week).  I did so enjoy our shared chuckle yesterday about me washing horse's butt.

And oh, we've cried on occasion.  We've cried about opportunities missed or lost and the unfairness of it all, for ourselves and others.  We've mourned friends, pets, family and lovers.  We've both raged and whimpered.  At times it's silly and others it's been solemn.  Sometimes we smile through a veil of tears and other times, we honk through a cloud of tissues.

All of these are welcome here.  And thank you for joining me.  Because it's absolute madness if I'm  doing it on my own.  Feel free at any time to leave me your story in the comments or via email.  I promise I'll listen.