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You know those friends you have, the ones that have known you for decades.  Who you can send a garbled, auto-corrected text to and they know exactly what you're talking about.  Who ask about your parents and siblings and know their names and birthdays.  Who can list your allergies, favourite foods and crushes since the eighth grade.  Who wouldn't be able to bail you out of jail because they would be sitting in the cell next to you.

My friend Amy is one of those friends.  We grew up one street away from each other, practically lived together in high school and then really did as college roommates.  I am the sidekick to her smarter, sassier, cuter and more generous self and am more than happy to bask in the glow of her sparkle.  Amy hasn't lived in Texas for nearly a decade and she misses it.  Hell, it misses her.  So this post is dedicated to her plus all of the other Texans scattered around the world.  We love you and we miss you.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?  I'll take you out for a taco, even if it isn't Taco Thursday.