And BAM!  We're right into July.  How did this happen?  I feel like I just did my May recent reads post and we're already past the middle of the year.  June was a month of starting things and not finishing them.  Only seven books this month and one of them was a reread (Anansi Boys).  But if you look at the queue of books that I'm currently working on, there are more than double this number.  I just couldn't really get into anything this month.  I'm not sure if it was the books or my own restlessness to blame.

The most eye-opening read this month was Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux.  Theroux takes an overland journey from Cairo to Cape Town - by bus, train and car - avoiding air travel and trekking through some of the darkest corners of Africa.  For those of you who have traveled to Africa, for fun or otherwise, I encourage you to take a read of Theroux's work.  His honest look at providers of aid is unflinchingly honest and after reading his book, I'm not sure if I could, with good conscience, go to Africa for a jungle safari vacation.

Summer is notoriously a time for light reading but this week, I've plunged into William Manchester's The Last Lion: Winston Churchill.  I have high hopes that July will be a good reading month as Manchester's tome on Churchill is already giving me chills, even in this summer heat.