Well, I've been breaking almost all of them.

You're not supposed to use your weekends to catch up on sleep debt.  You're especially not supposed to do that when you may be working weekends and waking up early anyway.

You're not supposed to eat only Swedish fish for dinner, right Shalini?  You're also not supposed to tell the parents that your sister does that.

Your weekend diet shouldn't consist of ice cream sandwiches, popsicles and blueberries.  Your aforementioned Swedish fish disapproving parents should not be encouraging that by buying more intriguing flavours of ice cream to "try."

You're not supposed to speed read the last 100 pages of a book that you've been slugging through and then feel disappointed with the ending.  You should have the maturity to put it down, unfinished, and feel good about choosing how to spend your time.

You're not supposed to throw all of your dirty laundry into one load without separating the colours.  You really shouldn't be doing that seven years after graduating from college.

You shouldn't leave comic book stores without buying anything, particularly after their grand opening and when there's a Sheldon Cooper Funko figurine that's screaming your name.

What rules have you been breaking lately?  I hope there are lots of them.