This post is inspired by one of the wonderful things that happens in the blogging world, which is meeting your blogger friends "in real life."  I was lucky enough to get to have dinner with Aki of Seven Percent Solution tonight (who is even sweeter and cooler in person than she is through her blog) and she encouraged me to share more about myself on my blog if I feel so inclined.  I know some of my posts probably leave a lot to be desired, particularly about my personal life, so here is my slight attempt to be a tad more transparent to those of you who continue to read, day after day, trying to scoop out some nuggets of goodness amidst all the blabbering and blubbering.

Me & Ike, dirty and sweaty.  So pretty much a normal day for me
IRL Rooth

- In real life: I am even more of a dork.  I can spend hours talking about books upon books.  Throw in some discussions about book clubs, libraries, book stores, e-readers, book reports and reviews and we could be stuck there all day long.  And when we're done with that mess, we can talk about Doctor Who or The Big Bang Theory.

- In real life: I am much more awkward.  From the strange, loud laugh (yes, that one Rick) to the incoherent ramblings that try to resemble a train of thought.  Come ready to steer this baby back because detour is my middle name.

- In real life: I don't fit in any categories.  And neither do you.  It's easier to assign a label to bloggers and slot them into a box.  Fashion, designer, mommy, photography - pick your category.  In reality, you and I wear a multitude of different hats and play multiple roles on a daily basis.  We don't all come from one mold and, as Aki pointed out, my IRL mold is a little more different than I let on.  It was probably busted, now come to think of it.

- In real life: I am more dramatic.  I know, that one is a bit odd because if anything, your online personality should be a megaphone for your drama.  Not so here - I think it's because I feel stupid moments after telling someone about something dramatic and really stupid reading about it a few days later.  But I will try to share more constructive (or even entertaining) drama as it happens, if only to keep you all coming back for MOAAARR.

So, tell me, what are you like IRL?