My goodness, it was wonderful to have the extra long weekend, wasn’t it? After work load at the end of June, I really needed it. I unplugged a little bit and immediately dove into the stack of books I had waiting for me. Ahh, the smell of brand new pages. Over the last four days, I ate more than my fair share of ice cream and popsicles, stayed up too late and woke up too early. Ahh, sweet sweet summer time.

Someday, I’m going to go to the (cooler) Northeast beaches for a summer vacation and spend my days lazing around a smidge of a house like this. Okay, so this one isn’t in the Northeast but it’s still so cute and vintage 1925. I know I know, the formal living room is mustard yellow and the kitchen is green. It kinda adds to the whole kitschyness of the place though, don’t you think? No one could ever accuse you of being beige or bland with those colour choices. And the back patio would be wonderful with a salty sea breeze blowing over it too.