My legs are growing stronger but now, of all things, my knees are weak.  Is that a mysterious allegory for some life lesson?  I can't decide yet.  But guys, I've been trying to build more muscle tone in my legs and sometimes when I stand now, my knees wobble.  And I have to brace myself against the wall to stand up straight.  What in the world is going on, body?  If this is what aging is all about, I'm going to give up right now.  Oh wait, don't stop, don't give up.  Nevermind.

My knees and my legs have been trying to tell me for pretty much forever that they don't enough support from my feet (another weird allegory?).  At age 12, I bought a pair of black Nike Air Jordans (so cool) in a women's size 8.5 thinking I'd have the shoes for a few more years before I outgrew them.  And I am still waiting to grow into them.  Maybe my balance would be better if I had bigger feet, sturdier legs or stronger knees.  Maybe this is a way for me to not-so-subtly tell you that my foundation may not be as sound as I had originally thought.  Or maybe this is just a post about feet, knees and legs in the end.

I haven't decided.