This weekend was what every summer weekend should be about - loads and loads of popsicles (I made mango lassi and, separately, Vietnamese coffee ones), sweating my socks off, vegging out in front of the tv when it's too hot out and reading one of the best books I've read all year (I'm going to keep you all in suspense about that one a little longer).  Not gonna lie, I'm having mini anxiety attacks knowing that July is almost over and we're going to head back into fall eventually here.  That and realizing the year is more than half over and I'm still trying to find my bearings.

I feel like the house this week is kind of like me - stuck in the middle of summer.  I know I said I would stop overusing the word "love" when blogging but I really do love everything about it.  I love the large, mature trees in the neighborhood.  I love the whites and greys acting as a neutral palette for the punchy teals and oranges.  I even love that weird floor in the kitchen / living room area.  What is that anyway??  And the backyard of course.  So there's no pool but you've still gotta love the deck in the backyard.  You can sit and watch the fireflies dart around the bushes and pretend that summer is going to last forever.