Valerie Anne Kelly
Oh, how I've missed her, my little sister... is the tune I'm whistling these days.  But some good news finally (no, not about my car.  Nothing on that yet), Siri is in town for a day, en route to a college classmate's wedding this weekend.  So one glorious day catching up, laughing at old jokes, and finally introducing Ryon to her.  I'm certain my mom is going to make sure that her one day home leaves her feeling full for weeks.  It's strange to think that I haven't seen her since January, which doesn't sound that long ago but feels like eons ago.  A part of my heart lives in Portland and I'm glad to have it back, if only for a little while.

I'll be kicking my weekend off early tomorrow night and thank goodness for that because I've got plans.  Tons of baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and reading to do to make up for the funk of last weekend.  I feel like this year is turning a corner, no?  The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping, and 2014 is going to be all about good juju from here on out, right?  Come on, who's with me now?