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I like to think of it this way: a barometer of how many / much people care about you in your life equals the amount of advice that you've received.  In which case, I have a ton of people who care about me.  Lately, the advice I've received includes the following:

You should...

Write a book

Start online dating

Drink less water

Drink less alcohol

Sleep more

Eat more

Get married

Have children

Run away with me

Run away

Shave your head

Take a vacation

Take a break

Take it easy

What about you?  What's the craziest piece of advice you've received recently and what advice to you have for me?


  1. I feel like the people around me always give me crazy advice...The funny thing is that I think they actually think I'd do them...hah! :P
    My advice for you: keep doing what you love doing:D

  2. ahaha! my advice to you is to put some earplugs in ! People don't give me advice, they probably know I won't listen!!

  3. My mum suggested I wear a kimono at my wedding instead of a wedding dress. And also, don't shave your head. I've done it. It brings regret.

  4. A-haha--the suggestion to shave your head is classic. 'So helpful, thank you . . .' :)

  5. The online dating might be cool because, if nothing else, you'll probably have some great stories! And of course, you would totally need to divulge here (just kidding, maybe).

    Shave your head? lol.

    I don't really receive any crazy advice. At this point in my life, it's mostly "So when are you going to get married? You should be married!". I just love getting that.

  6. Why would anyone ever tell you to drink less water?? That baffles me. Although I drink probably 75+ ozs a day...and there was one time when I thought I had water intoxication and was going to die in my sleep. So. xo

  7. less water? i get told i should drink more water a lot. i can't think of any crazy advice i have gotten though i know i have gotten some over the years. my favorite (least favorite) is when my mom is always telling me what career new i should take up - you should be a dental assistant - okay, mom, well i have a business right now, and i also have a bachelors degree so i am not going to start a new career as a dental assistant, if i was going to do something i'd get my masters in . . . and then i think gah, why i am engaging in this conversation?! grain of salt. take it all with a grain of salt. xo

  8. Who am I to suggest to anyone that he/she should do something (excluding at work)? And yet I do it all the time. :D.

    Craziest advice? My dad wanted me to light newspaper on fire and singe my ends of my hair--it was supposed to help ensure you maintained a full head of hair into old age. No thanks!

  9. I endorse the sleep more suggestion.

  10. drink less water? :) this is terrible of me to say because i don't want to lessen people's intentions in giving advice, but sometimes unsolicited advice or just blanket advice really irks me. not by strangers but from people who are close to me. perhaps i'm putting an unfair expectation on them, but sometimes i wonder, really? you're giving me advice based on an assumption without asking or listening to me? unfortunately this has made me be super careful in what i share with people in my life. so horrible, no? :)

  11. I would say just go out for a walk, it does perk you up instantly

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  12. My advice is always to be yourself and do what makes you happy. And don't drink less water.

  13. Mwahaha - the "shave your head" advice was fun..! :-D My advice is to surround yourself with people and creatures that makes you feel good (referring to what I just wrote on my blog as I find it to be a pretty good advice).

    But please - shave your head! :-D


  14. I don't like unsolicited advice either. :) Been getting lots lately about things I need to do. I do ask when I need them but would prefer to go with the flow right now, so I won't be giving you any advice. :) But If you insist, I would say, " Do what you love too." You can never go wrong with that.

  15. Ha- I like the shave your head one. People always have so many opinions to volunteer but when it comes to ourselves, we always seem to be more at loss... Follow your heart is what i say.

    xx Hélène

  16. I'm not getting any advice. what does that say about me?????? everyone comes with their problems, but no one really 'bothers' me by telling me what to do. well, my mum does :(

  17. After reading the newest post, I'd say "breathe. just breathe." No crazy advice given to me lately. People know I'd never take it, heeh.

  18. i'm not a great fan of advice, tbh. my one advice to you would probably be, just take your own advice! lol. no one has the right to tell you how to look or be. i usually smile at advice then say thanks but no thanks (:


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