Frenchie and I went back to visit my parents and my sister this weekend and man, spring is POPPIN' in Texas.  There are bluebonnets spread out in every direction and pollen is blowing up everybody's noses and scritching at everyone's eyeballs.  Such is spring in Texas.

Anyway... my parents have been extremely supportive, but silently, while I undertake this nonprofit venture.  My dad subtly asks me if I need assistance with any of my technology issues and my mom just sends me back bags and bags of food to make sure both Frenchie and I are fed throughout the week.  It reminds me that to them, we'll always only be children.  My mother bought my sister a huge 60s flower balloon for her birthday, which my sister takes with her everywhere inside the house.  She even clips it to her dining chair so it always feels like we're at a birthday breakfast / lunch / dinner.

My dad sent me home this time with a 27 inch monitor.  I don't even know where I am going to put a monstrosity like that but he wants me to use it so I don't damage my eyesight.  And my mother made us this lovely lunch before we left.

The chicken caesar club sandwich from the Barefoot Contessa.  Recently, my mom has expanded her recipe repertoire to include French food.  Isn't she genius and aren't we lucky taste testers?  Home is always where my heart will be.