I'm going to be heading back to Texas tomorrow from the Bay Area.  I've had a really fantastic time here and the people I have met have been great hosts.

HOWEVER... I have noticed that practically everywhere we went to eat in San Francisco had a wait.  Like a stand in line outside the restaurant wait.  For some people with patience, waiting is not a problem and is a time to catch up with friends and chat before the meal.  For me, it's terrible.  I get hangry (hungry-angry) and am no fun to talk to*.  I also feel like waiting in line diminishes the food experience and the deliciousness of the meal.  Which is strange because for most people, the longer the line means the better the food.  I would rather eat average food and not wait than have a fantastic meal but have the actual meal time be shorter than the wait time.

In San Francisco, I've eaten at Saigon Sandwiches, Sotto Mare, Delfina Pizza, Golden Boy Pizza, Sol Food, Kabuto Sushi, Creations, The Grove and Chotto.  I've been to countless coffee shops.  Most of my time here has been spent eating / drinking coffee / working.  If you are planning on eating at a popular place in SF, make sure you either get a reservation or go there 30 minutes before you get hungry.  Or else, be prepared to wait in line, hangry.

Do you mind waiting in line and do you think it's worth it?  Or do you get impatient like me and want food when you're hungry?

*Note: This does not apply if the restaurant has a prolific bar.  Getting tipsy before food can make the time fly by.  But then I'll get full off of liquids.  Sigh, there's no winning.