One of the bonuses of getting into the startup environment is the opportunity to converse and exchange ideas and resources with people who are heavily involved in the technology arena.  I am fortunate enough that the founder of the organization I am working with is well-versed in technology and can find a quick, free fix to any technical problem that I've run into.  He's also the one that recommended the super slick new laptop that I have (and love) so I listen to all of his advice on this topic.

Example:  Have people told you that they can't access your blog and then you're frantically calling random people up and asking them to check your site and see if the content is still there?  Not to worry anymore, enter "Down for everyone or just me?"  Just go to the website (yes, it's literally and type in the website that you think is down.

Tada!  In less than a second, you can see if your site is really down or if it's just one user.  I hope this is one tech tip that will help you out the next time you're in a jam.