I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows

I do apologize as I have been delinquent as far as posting books that I have been reading this year and enjoying.  To be quite honest, I haven't really found any books that have really snagged me, gotten a hold of my eyes and glued them to the pages until I'm finished.  I had a lot of hope for I am Half-Sick of Shadows and The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.  Flavia de Luce is such a precocious character that has such promise for development.  David Mitchell is also one of my favourite authors (particularly because of Cloud Atlas) but this novel didn't really quite meet my expectations.  I thought that some of the side stories would be able to carry more weight and could have been concluded better.

It is quite odd considering how much extra time I've gained that I haven't been able to discover more authors and books.  Luckily, one of my friends who just finished her round-the-world trip has recommended some books that she discovered from all of the different countries she visited.  I'll be sure to share the noteworthy ones after I've given them a gander.

Have you all read anything more obscure lately that you feel like deserves more recognition?  One series in particular that is more obscure but I really enjoyed was the Mapp and Lucia series by E.F. Benson.  If you like snarky and hilarious British women, you will love it.