This lovely Louisiana-style home was built in the 1940s and renovated and expanded for the current owners who are, lucky for you and me, selling it.  The interior bedrooms and bathrooms are all splendid but nothing too amazing or outrageous.  Personally, I would buy this home based upon the kitchen and the backyard alone.  Maybe it's the spring weather that has me pining for outdoor living space but this house really nails it with all the balconies and patio spaces.  And do you like the kitchen nook?  I know a lot of modern homes have the high ceilings and shared kitchen / family room space but the fact that the kitchen is this pocket of goodness in the house is really darling to me.  It's cozy and homey and the way that I think a kitchen should be.

The home's unassuming facade belies the fact that this home is in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Houston and is selling for a cool $3.7 million.  So should I ask them if I can buy only the outdoor area and the kitchen?