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Yesterday I went with a group of 15 to Sonoma for barrel tasting.  It was my first time going wine tasting and it was so fun!  We went to around a dozen wineries and tried the barrels that they will bottle next year.  If you like the wines that you try, you can order a "future" and they'll ship it to you in a year's time.  Each of the vineyards had a different feel with different food offerings to pair with the wines - the best that I had was the lavender shortbread cookies paired with some champagne at Kenwood Vineyards.  It was so utterly delicious; I don't think I have had quite as good of a dessert as that in a very long time.  Saturday was also the first day that it did not rain in the Bay Area since I arrived in San Francisco and wine country was dappled in sunlight.  Still freezing cold but sunny.

It definitely merits a return trip and I think I'm going to try and convince Frenchie to join me in the summer.  It would be lovely if it was just a tad bit warmer but the scenery is just gorgeous.  And you can go horseback riding through the vineyards as well - bonus!