We're going back to the snowy mountains this weekend.  Frenchie and I are taking my sister up for the first time, it's really an early birthday present for her.  She has been itching to try snowboarding, bought the entire boarding outfit and didn't have anyone to go with her.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that Frenchie's shoulder stays put and we don't have to flag down ski patrol or a random French doctor couple to help us shove it back into place.

It's really warm (around 80 degrees) here during the day so it feels strange to be packing sweaters and wool socks.  I literally worked up a sweat running around like a mad woman this morning trying to find where I stashed all of my fleece gear (PS - Have you seen the Northface meme?).  I stopped by the ski shop to get some gloves for the sis since she forgot that she would need those on the slopes, grabbed and sucked down an iced coffee while I was out.  And now I realized that it's too much caffeine, especially after not really having any this week.  My hands are shaking, I have to backspace three sentences for every one that I type.  Ke$ha, your dance jams are NOT helping.  ...And I should have stopped about five sentences ago.  Have a wonderfully wicked weekend folks!