One of the things I thought I would be getting more of when I quit my job to start working at this nonprofit was time.  But I'm finding it's almost slipping away faster than I imagined.  It's Monday and I haven't gone grocery shopping or cleaned the house.  I still need to pack for SF and there is a slew of work to be done tomorrow.  So maybe it was all in my imagination that extra hours would pop up out of nowhere.  Also, getting the flu last week put me off my schedule as well.  Luckily for me, Frenchie has been supportive, buying me juice and medicine while I've been ill and trying to be flexible with my off-kilter work schedule now.

It seems as though time management is still evading me, no matter what I do.  And I'm not even spending time doing stuff that I really DREAM of doing - I haven't spent any time at the barn since Januaryish.  Folks, what's the secret?  Or is there even a secret of getting everything done AND being able to relax and enjoy yourself?

And just so this blog post isn't just me complaining and ranting, what do you guys think about these tops?  To sheer or not to sheer?  I'm tempted to go for it, just because I know how hot and sticky the summers are going to get here.