All of my mobile devices are currently out of battery, so maybe this is the gods way of telling me that I need to start off this new year unplugged.  Yep, tomorrow is Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year for those of you who are more pc) and it's a clean start for those of you who have royally mucked up January by spending WAYYYY too much money on horsey accessories, eaten only cheese and crackers for dinner, and ditched your "less caffeine" goal in the matter of days.  Whoops.  Seriously though y'all, it's been a rough week, and although the new year only comes but twice a year, we shouldn't be afraid to start every day anew and with a fresh outlook.  The mantra is: *breathe in* "this is going to be a great year" *breathe out*

Oh, and at some point, it's bound to get warmer, right???

By the way, for those of you who are weather fanatics, it's going to be 75 degrees here tomorrow.  And snowing here next Friday.  *throws up hands in exasperation*

Happy New Year Loves!