La Paperie
You guys have been wonderful / amazing / hilarious with your 'men are haikus' submissions.  So far I've received some gems from Lauren, Mrs. Ricefield, Aki and Rick.  Some of these leave you wondering and guessing and some leave you in giggles.  Thanks again, this is one of my favourite bloggy things that I've done in 2013.  Don't hesitate to submit yours here to continue the fun in 2014.

Haiku #1

Ignorance is bliss
When you see us share a kiss
Don't you dare join in.

Haiku #2

Sitting, smiling, wink
"coke and rum?" "watch a movie?"
In hindsight, I see.

Haiku #3

Playground proposal
"Will you marry me?" "Okay"
Friends forever? Yes.

Haiku #4

It's the time of year
For magic fellows with beards
Yay, Gandalf is back!

Haiku #5

Some men can be weird
What's with all the hair touching?
There ARE nice guys too.