This year hasn't been an easy one.  With my grandmother passing this fall, moving to a new city, starting a new job, starting a new life, it's a wonder that others still consider me capable of operating heavy machinery.  However, despite all the momentum shifts and the fits and starts that this year has dealt me, I have always been about to count on my friends and family to act as my rock.  They are the lifeline that I can reach out to, whenever I feel as though the current is pulling me under.  They are the ones who say - "Go Easy On Yourself," "Have Fun," and "Me Too."  The emails, the texts, the skype conversations, the phone conversations always let me know that they're there.  That you're all there.

I lead a charmed life.  I came home this evening to packages stacked on my doorstep, from people letting me know that they're thinking about me during the holiday season and my birthday.  I know that Thanksgiving is way over and Christmas (and the birthday) are not yet here but I wanted to say an early Thank You to all of you for being the good luck charms that make up my life.  I hope the holiday season is wonderful for all of you and that good fortune will shine on you in the new year.