Fresh Snow
We're back and resting quietly, as I hope the rest of you are after the hectic Christmas season that always culminates in a massive pile of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows.  I've done zero after-Christmas shopping (shocker, I know) and have been spending my time relishing in the magic that is clean laundry and above 50 degree temps.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have noticed that I was lucky enough to spend lots of time on the ski slopes, generally falling all over myself in an enormous POOF of powder.  And with Siri spending most of her time in the learning area, I was left to explore most of the mountain terrain alone, which allowed me to speed through the lift lines as a one-person party.  Although, I had to suppress the urge to laugh every time someone (usually a guy) asked me, "Are you single? Can I join you?"

How have your holiday escapades been so far?  Delightful I hope!