Red wool socks
When you were a wee one, in my opinion, potentially one of the worst things that you could get as a gift for the holidays were socks.  You were most likely aghast as to how someone could even count them as a gift and even bother to waste wrapping paper on such a present.  Come on, you'd think, they go on your feet and no one will ever see them.  They may have been one measly notch above the scratchy too-big-too-small underwear that your aunt or grandmother bought for you.

But, as part of the magic of growing up, somehow as an adult, socks turned one of the best gifts that you could receive.  What better way to show a friend or family member that you care than to let them know that you want their tootsies to remain warm and cozy?  What else can you get for the man/woman who has everything?  And with what other present can you be totally wrong in size yet still not offend someone?  Everyone wears socks, almost has to, at some point in time.  Can you even get away with never ever wearing socks, particularly in the winter time?  Besides, how better to express your whimsy and playful nature than through some funky coloured or printed dress socks?  What better compliment can you get than "oh coooool socks"?  Why does the winter weather not feel as frigid when you slip on a pair of fuzzy, woolen socks?  And those of you who have gifted socks with separate toes - you must be gunning for the grand prize there.

This year, besides going on a grand adventure, there are going to be lots of lots of toasty toes in my family.  What about you, what's your go-to holiday gift?  And please, share your argument for or against socks.