Winter Cabin
Greetings from the Frozen North.  Feel free to park your dog sled right outside the front door of my igloo.  I may be exaggerating just a tad.  However, it was cold enough for road conditions to remain bad the entire weekend and for our holiday party to be canceled.  Womp womp womp.  I went running outside this afternoon (the only hour of above-freezing temps this weekend) and the trees are still bowed over with the weight of ice on the leaves and branches.  At least the roads melted enough for me to go get provisions because they're supposed to refreeze tonight and most likely we'll be stuck inside tomorrow as well.  I've fared relatively well during this Great Freeze, having not lost power and remaining relatively entertained with some snowy football and crummy holiday movies.  But guys, I'm getting cabin fever - these white apartment walls are starting to close in around me and even a smile from the UPS man would be a welcome sight.  Do me a favor and send us some warmth before I start maxing out my credit card on the Home Shopping Network.